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All Gone - Multiplayer is a First Person Shooter game. You can create rooms up for up to 20 people and fight against your friends.
Would you like an edge?
Use OCULUS RIFT! The game is fully optimised for it.

What can you do in the game?
There are two types of guns, grenades and knife. But if you don't like to kill with those, use your fists or throw a plate at your enemy.
You can throw your gun or some other objects and you can even kill with them.

This game is still in beta version there are some visual glitches we still need to fix. We put this out there to see what you think!
Tell us what we should add to the game or what you think about it. We woud like to hear your ideas. Fill out the questionnaire and email it to to win the full versio of All Gone. We will select 3 people randomly who will receive the game at the time of it's release.
We hope you will enjoy

Download Open Beta version of All Gone Multiplayer:

(Currently Windows only, sorry)

Please fill out the questionnaire to win the full version of All Gone. We would appreiate your oppinion. Thank you.

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