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Daniel Kiss - Director/Programmer
Yatek games is a newly formed games studio. We are working on developing a high quality game series with a twist. The experience of playing is reinvented. Our game is about the independence of the player to choose what to do with our story. All Gone will give you the freedom so you can immerse into the reality of your actions. With our giant open world create the pace of your story and how it will unveil ,face challenging tasks and over come unexpected obstacles knowing that survival is the only option.

We are a small team of 9:

Daniel Kiss - Programmer
Jess Gloder - 3D artist
Tom Perberton Parker - 3D artist
Kade Rickman - 3D artist
Kayleigh Ure - Sound Effect Specialist
Thomas Lund - Musician
Bruno D'Ambrosio Guida - Writer
Charles-Jean Boucher - Video Editor

All gone is an Oculus Rift ready game. During development we have spent large amount of time to incorporate all of Oculus Rift's features to provide an incredible experience. We don't want the player to just play the game. We want them to be in it!

We are using Motion Cature suit to record animation that later get's adjusted to fit the character.

Our brilliant artists are working with different types of modelling tools to create realistic looking models.

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