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2014... A hybrid virus spreads among humans... The new pandemic of delusions, anger and primitive instincts. Where has humanity gone? Murder becomes common, you can't call them humans, they see nothing but blood shed but some how you still have your conscience what will you do to keep going.To keep your sanity..
In All Gone you can pick between 2 characters, Evie a soldier fighting to keep what remains of her military base, it's up to you to keep what's left of civilisation alive and most importantly for her the people she loves..
Jack is a normal guy face the reality of the world through his story ...

All Gone is a 1st person Action/Adventure/Survival game. You are able to play two stories in single player, one is with a soldier name Evie, the other is a civilian called Jack. Your aim is to follow the story and survive. You are also able to play the story mode in multiplayer. One person can play Jack's story, the other Evie's. You can decide to help each other to solve tasks or quickly do it on your own.
We are also developing a multiplayer non-story version. This is a free for all style game. Simply log into one of the rooms or create one and fight your friends. You will also be able to select to fight against the computer. Please tell us what you think. Post on Facebook or email us at
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